YOUR CUSTOM SHOCKBOX - Minimum 100 units

YOUR CUSTOM SHOCKBOX - Minimum 100 units
Right now, we will do another run of Shockbox in the August/September timeframe with our supplier, and we have an opportunity for those who are looking for a custom box.

Do you miss red boxes? Do you want more? Do you want another color, never before seen? Do you want a custom liner? Now is your opportunity.

We can use the next production run, as the line is configured to make our black/black boxes, to offer you a one-of-a-kind box color for your custom collection. Quantites under 100 are not possible, and prices will have a small premium (less than $1/box) to allow the line to be reconfigured to run your hand-selected material.

This can be a run of boxes just for your personal collection, or if you are producing a game and want one-of-a-kind limited box for your special release, it would work great for that!

Inquire with your desired color selections and we can share the options with you to get Shockbox that will make you the envy of the couple of people you know who even know what Neo-Geo games are. We can be reached at southtown@mac.com for your custom needs.

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2 x YOUR CUSTOM SHOCKBOX - Minimum 100 units
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1 x DOJ Black MU
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1 x Virtua Fighter Remix ACL
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1 x Ibara Black Label MU
1 x Shockbox Insert Cutting
1 x Outlaws Of The Last Dynasty NB
1 x The NEW Black Shockbox - Single - IN STOCK
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1 x Cotton Boomerang NB
1 x Sanwa Pushbutton 30mm - Orange
1 x All Japan Pro Wrestling CM
1 x K Shirt (Adult M)
1 x Spectral vs Generation FF-NC (v2)
1 x Sanwa Pushbutton 30mm - Red (Screw Back)
1 x Sanwa Small (24mm) Pushbutton - Blue
1 x K Shirt (Adult XXL)
1 x Dodonpachi Dai Fukkatsu 1.5 TH
1 x Sanwa Small (24mm) Pushbutton - Green (Screw Back)
1 x Final Fight Revenge DB1
1 x Knights of Valour PGM
1 x Ketsui NM
1 x Demon Front PGM
1 x Sanwa Small (24mm) Pushbutton - Green
1 x Sanwa Pushbutton 30mm - White
1 x The Gladiator PGM
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