The NEW Black Shockbox - 10 Pack - IN STOCK

The NEW Black Shockbox - 10 Pack - IN STOCK

The second generation of Shockbox, redesigned to be more solid and crush resistant. At this time, we continued to deal with some supplier hardships trying to maintain the box, but over time materials have changed, and now it was time to change the box to support it. Over 1oz of material added strategically to the design to enhance your box. Outside, the box appears identical, but pick it up and you'll immediately know the difference. Heavier material, thicker liner, clearer window.

We are in stock and ready to ship!

Dress up the display area with an original or custom made insert. All custom designed inserts are sized to fit the entire area of THE BOX.

Discounted pricing available for quantities (see other options in this category).

Place your Neo Geo MVS game cartridge inside (arrow up) to protect from corrosion.

PGM carts and 3rd generation Cave PCBs fit with minor modification to the box, basically, cutting out a small section to accomodate for the slightly larger area.


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1 x Art of Fighting 2 FF/NC Boxset
1 x King of Fighters '99 JR Box
1 x YOUR CUSTOM SHOCKBOX - Minimum 100 units
1 x Sanwa Pushbutton 30mm - Red
1 x Galaxy Fight DW/NC
1 x Aero Fighters 2 / Sonic Wings 2 BS/LE2
1 x Bust-A-Move Again EX/Puzzle Bobble 2 LE
1 x King of Fighers 10th/XX
1 x Bust-A-Move/Puzzle Bobble MM
1 x The King of Fighters 2003 BB
2 x Real Bout Fatal Fury NC
1 x Knights of Valour 2/9D
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