Universal Combo Game Case - DISCONTINUED

Universal Combo Game Case - DISCONTINUED
Sorry to say - the manufacturing of this box has ended :(. I'm told there are no plans to return it to production.

The Universal Combo Game Case (from Media Shelving) is a rental-quality snap case for various console video games. It will accommodate: Nintendo 64, Super NES, Sega Genesis, Electronic Arts, CD formats with and without jewel case. Case includes guidelines for easy insertion and positioning of games molded right into the case. The games move slightly - it is not as tight as a Shockbox fit.

This box is too thin for Atomiswave games. Please use Sega Genesis EA Sports boxes for this.

These cases can also be modified to fit Titan ST-V cartridges.

Universal Combo Game case will accommodate most instruction booklets.

There is an outer sleeve for artwork - ST-V artwork can be sized to fit this box. Please email us instructions if you are ordering ST-V prints and want them sized for this box.

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4 x K Shirt (Adult M)
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4 x Universal Combo Game Case - DISCONTINUED
2 x YOUR CUSTOM SHOCKBOX - Minimum 100 units
1 x World Heroes 2 Jet BB
1 x The King of Fighters 2000 NC/1
1 x Garou Mark Of The Wolves JW
1 x Prehistoric Isle GMK
1 x The King of Fighters 2000 NC/2
1 x Metal Slug 5 BB/2
1 x Kabuki Klash XX
1 x Kabuki Klash BB
1 x King of Fighers 10th/XX
1 x Garou: MOTW V
1 x SVC Chaos BS/2
1 x Neo Turf Masters BB
1 x Garou: MOTW GPA
1 x Football Frenzy OFTR
1 x SVC Chaos JR Boxset
1 x Art of Fighting 2 NC/FF
1 x Andro Dunos NC
1 x SVC Chaos MF
1 x The King of Fighters 2002 JR Box
1 x The King Of Fighters 2002 LG/3
1 x Magical Drop 3 BB/2
1 x Double Dragon JR Boxset
1 x Football Frenzy WK
1 x Stakes Winner 2 BB
1 x Samurai Shodown NC/3
1 x Samurai Shodown MY
2 x Garou: MOTW XX
1 x Mahjong Minnasano Okagesamadesu NC
1 x Samurai Shodown NF
1 x Blazing Star JW
1 x Alpha Mission 2 NC
1 x Sengoku 2 XX (2)
1 x Metal Slug MF
1 x Metal Slug LG
1 x Blazing Star JH
1 x Metal Slug TP
1 x Metal Slug LG2
1 x The King of Fighters 2001 NC/4
1 x Last Resort FF NC
1 x Blazing Star NC
1 x Gururin GW/4
1 x NAM 1975 MY
1 x Gururin GW/2
1 x Samurai Showdown 5 Special NC/2
1 x Baseball Stars Professional XX
1 x Baseball Stars Professional NC
1 x Breakers MY
1 x DOJ Black MU
1 x Decathlete SP
1 x Savage Reign JR Boxset
1 x Final Fight Revenge DB1
1 x Knights of Valour PGM
1 x Radiant Silvergun SN
1 x King of Fighters 10th Ann. JR Box
1 x Bust A Move Again EX/Puzzle Bobble 2 JO
1 x Sega Naomi 2 BIOS: 23605C (Japan)
1 x Puyo Puyo Sun SN
1 x Radiant Silvergun DB
1 x Sega Naomi BIOS: 21578E (Export)
1 x Spectral vs Generation FF-NC (v3)
1 x Sanwa Small (24mm) Pushbutton - Green (Screw Back)
1 x Sanwa Pushbutton 30mm - Red
2 x Cotton Boomerang NB
1 x Deathsmiles TH
1 x Dodonpachi Dai Fukkatsu 1.5 TH
1 x Dodonpachi Saidaioujou MU
1 x Ibara TH
1 x Your Custom Insert!
1 x Deathsmiles MegaBlack TH
1 x Sega Naomi 2 BIOS: 23608B (Export)
1 x DOJ Black MU2
1 x Breakers XX
1 x Ketsui Revised ROM
1 x Crossed Swords 2 LG
1 x Astra Superstars NB
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