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Welcome to Southtown

What started as a simple process to organize a small shockbox printing service has evolved into something much more. This page was originally created in association with Loopy Eddies Shock Box Collection as a service for the Neo-Geo community featuring artwork by only the best cover designers. Then we started thinking. Why not just create a convenient hub to consolidate only the best homebrew products available? Shortly after, Southtown was born.

Looking for Loopy Eddie's Inserts?

Loopy Eddie hasn't gone anywhere, just his insert collection has. Don't worry though we are helping him out by hosting every Neo Geo MVS (and other systems) insert available for free downloads. We even fixed all the Pink O's....

Use the Inserts link above to browse for your inserts. When you see the following image just click to download a zipped PDF of the insert:

I make good stuff too!

Make some awesome homebrew stuff? We would love to host it for you. Email us with some basic information on your product and we will be in touch!

About our Printing

Our printing service was created on a very simple premise: a lot of people need inserts printed and not so many have access to commercial print equipment or want to deal with careless franchise shops. Our love for the preservation of the Neo-Geo and respect for the community is what drives us to make the best inserts possible.

New Products For February

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2 x Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 MF
2 x Sega Naomi BIOS: 21577E (USA)
1 x K Shirt (Adult XXL)
3 x Sega Naomi BIOS: 21578E (Export)
3 x Sega Naomi Other ROM not listed
3 x Sega Naomi 2 BIOS: 23607B (USA)
3 x Sega Naomi 2 BIOS: 23605C (Japan)
2 x Sega Naomi 2 BIOS: 23608B (Export)
1 x Aero Fighters 3 / Sonic Wings 3 NC/LE
1 x Fatal Fury 3 NC/2
1 x Sanwa Small (24mm) Pushbutton - Dark Blue
1 x Sanwa Pushbutton 30mm - Red
1 x DOJ Black MU
1 x Last Blade MF
1 x Sanwa Pushbutton 30mm - White
1 x Spectral vs Generation FF-NC
1 x Knights of Valour Plus PGM
1 x Samurai Shodown 5 BB
2 x Sega Naomi BIOS: 21576H (Japan Universal)
1 x Dodonpachi Dai Fukkatsu Black Label Red Spine TH
1 x Neo Geo Cup '98 OFTR
2 x The NEW Black Shockbox - 5 Pack - IN STOCK
1 x Your Custom Insert!
1 x Last Blade HC
1 x Metal Slug BB/NC
1 x I have special sizing or special printing requirements!
2 x YOUR CUSTOM SHOCKBOX - Minimum 100 units
1 x Ketsui Revised ROM
1 x Gururin GW/LE
1 x Garou: MOTW MF
1 x Ibara Black Label TH
1 x Metal Slug 4 NC/3
1 x Sanwa Pushbutton 30mm - Blue
2 x Strikers 1945 XX
1 x Samurai Shodown 2 JW
1 x Martial Masters PGM
1 x Samurai Shodown 4 BB
1 x Sanwa Pushbutton 30mm - Green
1 x Metal Slug 4 NC/1
1 x Spectral vs Generation FF-NC (v2)
1 x Knights of Valour Super Heroes PGM
1 x Metal Slug X XX-Box
1 x Dodonpachi Dai Fukkatsu 1.5 TH
1 x The NEW Black Shockbox - Single - IN STOCK
1 x Demon Front PGM
1 x The NEW Black Shockbox - 10 Pack - IN STOCK
1 x MVS Cart Labels - Option 1 - You Print!
2 x Pulstar NC/LE
1 x Sanwa Pushbutton 30mm - Pink (Screw Back)
1 x Sanwa Small (24mm) Pushbutton - Green
1 x Samurai Shodown 4 JR Boxset
1 x Alpha Mission 2 LE
1 x Last Blade LG
1 x Metal Slug 3 Boxset/L2K
1 x King Of The Monsters WY
1 x Sanwa Pushbutton 30mm - Green (Screw Back)
1 x Universal Combo Game Case - DISCONTINUED
1 x Sanwa Pushbutton 30mm - Orange
1 x Radiant Silvergun SN (Fullsize)
1 x Fatal Fury 3 JR Box
2 x Magical Drop 3 BB/3
1 x Prehistoric Isle 2 LG
1 x Art of Fighting 3 JH
1 x Radiant Silvergun SN
1 x Shock Troopers NC
1 x Ninja Commando BB
1 x Columns '97 LG
2 x Kizuna Encounter TP
1 x Metal Slug LG2
1 x Prehistoric Isle 2 BB
1 x Spinmaster XX
1 x Metal Slug MF
1 x Blue's Journey LG
2 x Puzzle de Pon! BB
1 x Captain Tomaday JR Box
1 x Metal Slug 5 NC/1
1 x Power Spikes 2 JW
1 x Puzzle de Pon! BB/LE
1 x Bang Bead LE
1 x Bust-A-Move Again EX/Puzzle Bobble 2 IC
1 x Strikers 1945 NF
1 x Shock Troopers LG2
2 x Ninja Commando BB/LE
1 x Magical Drop 3 CN
1 x King of Fighters 98 GS
2 x World Heroes LE
1 x Bust A Move Again EX/Puzzle Bobble 2 JO
1 x Metal Slug MW
2 x Super Baseball 2020 XX
4 x Ironclad JW
1 x Metal Slug 5 LG/2
1 x Mahjong Kyoretsuden NC
2 x Bang Bang Busters JO
1 x King of Fighters '98 JR Box
1 x Gururin GW/3
1 x King of Fighters 2001 JR Box
2 x World Heroes JR Box
2 x Bust-A-Move Again EX/Puzzle Bobble 2 LG
2 x World Heros BB/LE
5 x Ironclad DB
4 x Ironclad LG/2
1 x The King of Fighters '98 HG
1 x Strikers 1945 Plus FF/NC
1 x The King of Fighters 2001 NC/5
1 x Super Baseball 2020 MY
1 x Captain Tomaday GW
1 x Baseball Stars 2 NC
2 x Bang Bang Busters LG
1 x Diggerman NF/LE
3 x Ironclad LG
1 x The King of Fighters '98 L/1
1 x Fatal Fury MY
1 x Baseball Stars 2 LG
1 x Shock Troopers NF
1 x Die Hard Arcade LG
1 x Shock Troopers SS
1 x Art of Fighting 2 JR Boxset
2 x Fatal Fury LE/MUR
1 x Metal Slug 5 LG/1
1 x The King of Fighters 2001 MF
1 x Captain Tomaday JK/LE
1 x Samurai Shodown 3 NC
1 x Pulstar IC
1 x King of the Monsters 2 XX
1 x Astra Superstars NB
1 x Metal Slug JW
2 x Kizuna Encounter NC/2
1 x Baseball Stars 2 JH
1 x Blue's Journey XX
1 x Decathlete SP
1 x Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 JR Box
1 x Metal Slug 5 JW2
1 x Shock Troopers TP
2 x World Heroes BB
1 x Strikers 1945 Plus JR Box
1 x Art of Fighting 2 NC
1 x Strikers 1945 DF
1 x Soccer Brawl OFTR
1 x Bust-A-Move Again EX/Puzzle Bobble 2 NC
1 x Art of Fighting 3 LE
1 x Prehistoric Isle 2 JM
1 x Soccer Brawl FF-LE
1 x Soccer Brawl LE
2 x Metal Slug ID
1 x Metal Slug Boxset/L2K
1 x Pulstar TP
1 x Double Dragon JR Boxset
1 x Shock Troopers JW
1 x Fatal Fury 3 NC/1
2 x Bang Bead JO
1 x Gururin GW/4
1 x Pulstar JR Box
1 x Samurai Shodown 3 BB
1 x Burning Fight LG
1 x Double Dragon SP
1 x Magical Drop 3 LG
1 x Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 NC/2
1 x Metal Slug 5 JW
1 x King of the Monsters 2 BB/2
1 x Puzzle de Pon! JO
1 x Magical Drop 3 TP
1 x The King of Fighters 2001 NC/3
1 x Gururin GW/NS
1 x Karnov's Revenge OFTR
1 x Shock Troopers LG
1 x King of the Monsters 2 MY
1 x Fatal Fury LE
1 x Metal Slug NC
1 x Jockey Grand Prix DX/GW
1 x Metal Slug XX-Box
1 x The King of Fighters 2001 NC/1
1 x The King of Fighters 2001 NC/2
1 x King of the Monsters MY
1 x Spinmaster WY
1 x Metal Slug 5 LG/3
1 x Samurai Shodown 3 NF
1 x The King of Fighters 2001 HG
1 x Strikers 1945 Plus NC/2
1 x The King of Fighters '98 BB
1 x Magical Drop 3 NC
3 x Crossed Swords 2 LG
1 x World Heroes 2 MY
2 x Ironclad JO
2 x Blue's Journey NC
1 x The King of Fighters '98 GL
1 x Shock Troopers MF
2 x Fatal Fury BB
1 x Robo Army BB
1 x Karnov's Revenge LG
1 x Kizuna Encounter BY
1 x Fatal Fury JR Box
1 x Gururin GW/1
1 x Savage Reign MY
2 x Gururin GW/AES
1 x Diggerman NF
1 x Savage Reign JR Boxset
1 x Fatal Fury BB(2)
1 x Burning Fight MY
1 x Gururin LG
1 x Kizuna Encounter JR Boxset
1 x Gururin NF
1 x Puzzle de Pon XX
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